St Bridget's Montessori

School Fees

Dear Parent,

As per existing School’s fee collection policy, the School intent to focus more towards bank payment method. This facility will be available for parents who wish to deposit their fees to any Commercial bank nearest to you. There is no requirement for the parents to hold a Commercial Bank account. You can simply complete a bank “CASH CREDIT SLIP” from any Commercial bank and handover necessary fees to the bank officer for processing.

Complete the information on “CASH CREDIT SLIP” as follows;

  • Name of Account Holder: St. Bridget’s Convent
  • Account Number: 2501007702
  • Branch: Colombo 07

It is extremely important for you to complete “REF NUMBER” section in the Cash Credit Slip. In this section you must clearly write your child’s Class Number, followed by “/”, Term (1st,2nd or 3rd) followed by “/” and your child’s name. As the space is restricted, please write your child’s one of the first names and the surname.

For an example if the child’s Class Number is “M2”, payment is for the first term and her name is “ Hasini Nehara Perera” , you should complete the “REF NUMBER” as below.

When you are making your payment, please emphasize the bank officer to include above “Ref Number” values for the transaction.

The School is happy to receive these payments via online banking method from any bank provided that the above stated 3 requirements (Name of the Account Holder, Account Number & Reference Number field) can be satisfied.

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