St Bridget's Montessori

Our Environment

Geoffrey Bawa was a world-renowned architect who designed some of the most unique architecture across Sri Lanka. St. Bridget’s Convent Montessori building was designed by Geoffrey Bawa, Laki Senanayake together with murals added by Barbara Sansoni in 1963.
This unique building design complements with the AMI teaching method to stimulate independent and interdependent learning among children and active engagement with nature and the surrounding environment. The high roof and open sides of the building gives natural lighting and ventilation to the classrooms brining learning closer to nature.
Classrooms have low walls with 3 feet tall cupboards built in to the walls for storage. These low cupboards ensure safety and makes storage approachable for children to access, encouraging independent interactions with learning material. Children’s toilets have small sized fittings, increasing convenience and encouraging independent accessibility for children.

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