St Bridget's Montessori

Our Story

St. Bridget’s Montessori  which is run by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd ,commenced in 1946 under the guidance of Rev. Sr. Mary Of Our Lady at the end of the garden in Torrinton Placein the nursing home converted to a house of children,which was handed over to St.Bridget’s Convent by Dr. Ratnam.

In 1963 Mother Good Counsel arranged to have an Infirmary for the Good Shepherd Siters on St.Bridget’s premises and she wanted to take over the building where Montessori classes had been conducted. Therefore in 1962 December there was colourful Christmas performance by the Montessori children to make a happy ending to the Montessori school premises.

 1963 January the Montessori school was opened in new premises at 181 TurentRoad .

With time as children increased in number the need arose for a special building to be constructed for this purpose. In 1964 Rev. Mother Good Council Mills, then Provincial of the Good Shepherd Sisters  in Sri Lanka, a great admire of Dr. Montessori and her principles, suggested and gave permission for a new house of children to be built with all facilities at the rear of St.Bridget’s Convent. That was  thebeginning of the  present   Montessori building which is located on the southern edge of St.Bridget’s convent which has independent access from Maitland Crescent .

The planning and execution of the work was given to Mr. Geoffrey Bawa Sri Lanka’s foremost architect. Every detail has been thought out with consideration of the needs of  very small children. The original paintings were done by Ms. Barbara Sansoni which delighted the little ones.

The new Montessori block was used for the first time in January 1966, although it was not quiet finished. On the 12th July1966,the newly completed building was blessed by Bishop Frank Marcus Fernando. Little SumanthriJayasuriya  –  a fourth generation of St.Bridget’s  garlanded the Bishop. She was  the first entry and youngest to be enrolled in the new block.

In 2008-2009 the entrance to the Montessori renovated and the Principal’s office was built as the old one was not convenient for the parents to meet the Principal.

Year 2016 was another remarkable year in the history. A long time felt need , a hall for the children’s annual events was made possible with the generous support and efforts of many sisters, benefactors and the parents who foresight this need.

Past Principals

1945 – 1952 Sr. Mary of Our Lady
1953 – 1970 Sr. Mary Bridget
1970 – 1972 Sr. Stanislaus Vass
1973 Sr. Mary of Our Lady
1974 Sr. Magdalene Fernando
1978 Sr. Solange Fernando
1980 Sr. Marie Anne
1984 Mrs. Celia Fernando
1985 – 1992 Sr. Lourdes Paiva
1992 – 1999 Sr. Shanthi Fernando
2000 – 2007 Sr. Therisita Weragoda
2007 – 2013 Sr. Remona Nugara
2014 – 2018 Sr. Dulcy Peiris
2018 to date Sr. Thilini Rupasinghe

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