St Bridget's Montessori

Procedure for Admission – Montessori

1.On the given day make a request to obtain a token number by using the given link on the Montessori website. Fill and submit the google form to collect an application.
2.If the child is eligible to obtain an application form the parents will receive an email within the time period of 2 – 3 weeks with a date and time given to collect an application form.
3. The parents will face an interview before obtaining the application form.
4. Application form is to be filled and handed over to the Montessori on the same day.
5.If the child is selected She/he will be called for an interview. This will be informed through an email or a letter by post within 2-3 months time.
6. When the child is selected to the Montessori required fees are to be paid to the Bank mentioned in the payment vouchers on the given day.

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